Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa Australia

491 Visa

Skilled work regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 visa is a general skill migration visa for skilled workers who want to live and work in designated regional areas.

491 Visa Overview

With 491 Visa it allows you to do the following things:

  • You can stay in Australia for five years
  • You can travel overseas during the valid visa period.
  • You can live, study and work in designated regional areas of regional Australia

Criteria for the Skilled Work Regional 491 visa:

  • You need to be nominated to apply by state or territory government agencies or the relatives who meet the required criteria must sponsor you.
  • Required skill assessment for the occupation
  • You need to obtain the required minimum Points to apply
  • Must be below 45 Years of age
  • Meet the competent level of English
  • Meet the health and Character requirement
  • Don’t owe the Australian government any money

491 Visa Conditions

  • 8515 – Must not marry or enter into a de facto relationship before entry
  • 8578 – Notify us if your passport or contact details change
  • 8579 – Live, study, and work in a designated regional area
  • 8580 – Provide evidence of your live, study, or work address if requested
  • 8581 – You must attend an interview if we ask you to in a letter

491 Visa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long can i stay ?

  • With a 491 Visa you can stay up to 5 years for the day visa is granted.
  • You can’t extend and stay longer with this visa

What Is the cost for 491 visas do I have to pay while lodging eoi?

  • 491 Visa cost AUD 4,045 For the main applicant
  • There is a charge of AUD2,025 for each family members who are older than 18 years of age
  • There is also a second installment charge of AUD 4,890 for family members who are 18 years old and cant meet the functional English requirement
  • Visa Price Calculator 

         You don’t have to pay while lodging EOI

Where can i apply this visa from? Do i need be here in Australia?

Visa can be applied both if you are within Australia or overseas.

And also if you are in Australia holding any substantive visa or any Bridging visa subclass, 010 Bridging Visa A, 020 Bridging Visa B, 030 Bridging Visa C Then you can’t apply for this visa else your application would not be considered a valid application.

Processing time for this Visa?

There is no such specific processing time for this visa.

Can i travel with this visa?

Yes, you can travel multiple times within or overseas while you hold this visa.

Please be advised that the above information is brief information only, please contact a registered migration to talk about your individual circumstance and lodge your visa. MILES INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY is authorized to give immigration assistance.