February 1, 2021

Tasmania 190 491 Visa Update

Tasmania 190 491 Visa Update

Tasmania has updated its 2020-2021 skilled migration program where Tasmania state nomination re-opens from 29th of January 2021.

What are the changes made in all categories for Tasmania 190 491 visa update?

  • Category 1 – Tasmanian graduates (for students who commence their study after 30 June 2021)
    • A career plan must be presented by all applicants (subclasses 190 and491) describing how their studies have improved their ability to find eligible employment in Tasmania (unless already working in a skilled capacity).
    • Subclass 190 Applicants for candidacy must have completed a full-time course of at least 92 weeks and have been living in Tasmania for two years.
    • Certificate III/IV research must be specifically connected to the field of Priority Business Training and Workforce Development.
    • All applicants who do not hold a Student Visa must have completed a course specifically related to the Priority Business Training and Workforce Development Field at the time they complete their studies.
  • Category 2 – Working in Tasmania
    • All new applicants must receive pay and conditions that are equivalent to those obtained by a permanent Australian resident or person.
    • On 29 January 2021, a reviewed and modified edition of the Tasmanian Qualified Occupation List will be released (for subclass 190 applicants).
    • In the case of jobs commencing after 29 January 2021, for comparable positions, compensation must also be equal to the wage rate in the local labor market.
    • Jobs starting after 29 January 2021 will not be eligible for nomination in positions rated at ANZSCO skill level 4 or 5 unless: Read More Click Here
  • Category 3A – Overseas applicant (TSOL)
    • On 29 January 2021, a reviewed and updated edition of the Tasmanian Qualified Occupation List has been released.
    • Applications will be accepted only if they are first invited by Migration Tasmania through SkillSelect to apply.
  • Category 3B – Overseas applicant (Job Offer)
    • The pay and conditions must be equal to the market wage rate and to those applicable to permanent Australian residents and citizens.
  • Category 5 – Small business owner
    • Applicants must show an understanding of the responsibilities and requirements around treating employees fairly by completing the record-keeping, managing employees, and hiring
      employees units in the Fair Work Ombudsman’s online learning center

Please be advised that the above information is brief information only, please contact a registered migration to talk about your individual circumstance and lodge your visa.MILES INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY is authorized to give immigration assistance.


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