March 25, 2021

Canberra Matrix Points Calculator Visa Subclass 491 190

Canberra Matrix Points Calculator Visa Subclass 491 190


Canberra matrix

Canberra Matrix is a system established by the government of the Australian Capital Territory that defines the eligibility, provides the guidelines and platform for visa application to the person who wants to migrate to Australia through the ACT state nomination category.

Canberra Matrix Points Calculator Visa Subclass 491 190




Canberra Matrix Occupation List (ACT CRITICAL SKILLS LIST)

Is your occupation listed in the ACT Critical Skills List?

canberra matrix occupation list

Find More about ACT critical skills list click Here to find more 

Check the latest invitation round for the Canberra matrix.

Invitation Round 09 April 2021

Book a free consultation for further information regarding the Canberra matrix.


If you would like us to advise for your immigration road-map to Canberra matrix, please book an immigration consultation with Miles International.

We offer face-to-face consultation or via video or phone as you request.

Mr. Swadesh Jaiswal who is a Registered Migration Agent with Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARN 1575428) and a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) will be the Principal Consultant to consult you at the booked meeting.

Immigration Road-map

During the consultation, you will receive an immigration Road – map which includes:

  • Advice on the visa pathways which are available to you
  • An assessment of your likely eligibility for each option
  • Benefits and disadvantages of each option as well as possible pitfalls or shortcomings
  • An outline of the main stages in the application process
  • Indicative processing time and cost for each option


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