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  • Australia Universities offers specialist Computer Science degrees to equip you with the skills you need to be career-ready by specializing in different applications of computer science and computer systems. Invent your career in bits and bytes This is a three-year degree with distinct majors which allow you to specialize in different applications of computer science and the computer systems. The Bachelor of Computer Science is currently accredited with the Australian Computer Society at Professional Level. The Bachelor of Computer Science course provides students with a thorough and in-depth technical understanding of modern networked computer systems. This understanding includes how these computer systems are put together, how they work, and what are the principles that govern them. Based on this solid foundation, students then have the opportunity to further learn the practical skills needed to design, develop, and integrate the networked computer systems required by today’s large organizations. This course is a three-year course with four distinct majors which allow students to specialize in different applications of computer science and computer systems.


  • The Australian Government aims to be among the world’s leading digital economies by 2020, meaning ICT employment prospects have never been better. Software publishing and game design alone is due to growing by 75% in the next 10 years. TAFE AUSTRALIA can help you begin, develop, or reach the top of your career. From certificate through diploma to degree, TAFE AUSTRALIA is your ICT training center of excellence. If you’re tech-savvy with strong computer skills and a love of problem-solving, then an IT course with TAFE NSW is the perfect way into your career. Our ICT labs include a pull-apart workshop used for computer hardware testing and maintenance, computer networking tasks, and virus infection and removal.
  • WHAT JOB OPPORTUNITIES COULD AN IT COURSE LEAD TO? An information technology course can lead to a number of job opportunities, from designing interactive games as a game designer to rebooting computer systems and software. Qualifications in information technology can lead to a job as an IT manager, computer engineer, systems administrator, or network support technician. The average weekly salary for an IT manager is $2,000. Whether you’re just starting out in your information technology career, want to gain more qualifications, add to your previous experience, or simply broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you. TAFE courses in the area include Information, Digital Media and Technology, Information Technology Support, Programming, Information Technology Networking, Business Administration, Software Development, Digital, and Interactive Games.


  • The business environment has changed dramatically over the last decade through globalization, an explosion in information and smart systems, and global connectivity. The nature of information management has changed from that of creating systems from first principles to cloud-based globalized systems that can handle and process the vast amounts of data ubiquitously.
  • The Bachelor of Business Information Systems was developed after an extensive research and consultation period to better understand the needs of business and industry and ensure that graduates will be well equipped to meet those needs. As part of the process, the College held a dialogue with a wide variety of individuals and business leaders, leading academics and professional bodies. The aim was to understand what skills, knowledge, and capabilities are needed in the current business context and those which will be essential in the emerging global economy in an era of transnational mobility.
  • As a graduate of this program, you will gain: Analytical and problem-solving skills Specific knowledge and expertise in business information systems Expertise in business, and project management skills to participate in the planning, creation, and delivery of business endeavors and initiatives Enhanced leadership, communication, and presentation skills A sound understanding of dynamics of the industry, government and global business
  • Career Outcomes Bachelor of Business Information Systems is designed to give graduates expertise to perform in a key role in defining the information needs of the future, and shaping information systems that underpin organizational and individual performance and facilitate performance in the global economy. Globally today, there is an acute shortage of qualified business information systems professionals. Go back 10 years ago and the demand was for information technology professionals. As more and more software production is outsourced to countries with lower labor costs, the employment prospects are for those who can define, design, acquire and implement information systems at enterprise and global levels, utilizing solutions that span both business and information technologies. Successful graduates must possess broader skill sets and have a more strategic view of information systems as a key enabler of business efficiency and success. Bachelor of Business Information Systems has been designed specifically to nurture this class of professionals who are very much in demand and are currently well remunerated.


  • Create the mobile apps that will drive the future. The mobile application industry is rapidly growing – with millions of people using apps each day the industry needs innovative, creative and skilled professionals. Companies want employees to help them create ‘the next big thing’ in mobile app technology. Demand for high quality mobile apps continues to grow and to create these apps requires expertise in the latest technologies. On graduation, you can move into Honours in IT or straight into employment. Chances are, the job you’ll end up having doesn’t even exist today. The degree will place you at the forefront in this industry with a particular focus on developing apps for mobile platforms such as Android – the most popular mobile operating system in the world – as well as the security implications of mobile development. The degree has been designed to provide you with the key IT knowledge and skills you’ll need in the workplace. You’ll obtain a core of basic skills, common to all branches of IT, while at the same time developing extensive expertise in wireless mobile communications, cloud computing, programming, system architecture, design, user experience, networking and security.
  • Career Opportunities: The constantly expanding information infrastructure has opened up many career opportunities for information systems graduates, ranging from the very technical to the very business-oriented. A variety of career opportunities exist in small, medium and large business and government in the major areas of information application performance tester, application security manager, Information security specialist, Network manager, Product security manager, systems architect, systems designer, user experience designer, user experience tester, Development team leader and , electronic commerce consultant. Professional recognition This course is accredited to the Professional Level by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Visit the website for more information.


  • With excellent communication skills, you’ll become the managerial link between a business and its software. You’ll learn to design, code, and test and manage large and complex systems. Working within complex development environments, operating systems, communications, web software, databases and applications, you will undertake studies in all facets of the software engineering process. This degree focuses on the software development life cycle but goes beyond programming to assess and meet customer needs, and to design and test software. Developing software solutions often involves assembling extensive amounts of code into working applications, as well as updating and fixing problems in existing software. Choose a degree in software engineering if you: Want to develop large-scale software Want to create highly efficient products and systems Enjoy maths and systems design combined with computer science. Career As everyday life becomes more dependent on computers and their systems, the need for highly skilled software engineers grows. There are almost limitless opportunities for qualified graduates. You could gain employment as a software developer, tester, software architect or designer, or work in a team leader, project manager and executive-level position in software development projects. Professional recognition and accreditation This program is accredited at the professional level by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), which accredits information and communication technology-related programs that are offered by Australian universities both onshore and offshore. ACS has reciprocal membership agreements worldwide. ACS Certified Professional status gives you global recognition.


Create world-class websites The internet has become central to our personal and professional lives and front-end web designers are in strong demand. With an emphasis on creativity, ingenuity, and adaptability, our progressive degree balances and integrates analysis and production.

You will gain knowledge and skills to prosper in the rapidly evolving field of web design and development. Study a Bachelor of Web Design and Production and you will: master the art of website media address aspects of web-design such as layout, color, typography, imagery, animation, transition, and behavior immerse yourself in the changing cultural and technical context of contemporary web design and production develop a sophisticated tool kit of knowledge and skills which enable you to produce advanced creative works created for the full range of device platforms: desktop computers, mobiles, tablets, kiosks and other emerging contexts for web technology gain expertise in graphic design, media production, HTML, CSS, Javascript, user interface, content management systems, accessibility, and responsive design.

Work-integrated learning Put your theoretical skills into practice by taking up the opportunity to complete an industry brief or apply for an internship with various local companies.



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